The Borough of Toowoomba was proclaimed on 19th November 1860 under the Municipalities Act 1858, a piece of New South Wales legislation inherited by Queensland when it became a separate colony in 1859.William Henry Groom, sometimes described as the “father of Toowoomba”, was elected its first mayor. It achieved a measure of autonomy in 1878 with the enactment of the Local Government Act. With the passage of the Local Authorities Act 1902, Toowoomba Municipality became the Town of Toowoomba on 31st March 1903. On 29th October 1904, Toowoomba was proclaimed the City of Toowoomba. Situated 700m above sea level on the Great Dividing Range with a population of 134,000 in 2016 Toowoomba City has become the Flower City of Australia.