Steve Mild
Owner of Dbconnect World

During my school days I was the Dux in horticultural science, geography and business maths. My first job was with the Council of Ipswich as a landscaper and I designed a well known water park.

In 1993 I became a qualified chef. I was always interested in software maths linguistic systematic programming. I took the opportunity to travel the world and studying and working as an Asian Chef.

The hours involved in Chef duties made me really ill. Once I returned to my home country I began my systematic business data base network connecting to Businesses. I completed my business degree at TAFE college in IT programming and studied marketing at night. I was offered a teachers role in SML Sync Brand.

I attended my first workshop with Chris Howard and out of 4,000 people and over 2 days he used my life as an example and I became like a celebrity and received over 1,000 business cards which is now a hobby of mine. A master teacher once quoted to me something that I live by even today,

“You thought your schooling was over, think again, Your education is about to start. Make sure you promise to study a new course every year for your growth and another course for your job making sure you keep running a business at all times”

I created dbconnect.world and this is my IT passion. I am a marketing and IT genius. I have created dbconnect.world, dbconnect.tours and dbconnect.fitness where I have found in these programmes my nitch in life.

Join me in an adventure and let’s connect the world.

Owner of Jonno's Tours

Jonno’s Tours was a dream that was in my heart for 20 years. I would have to win lotto to make it happen. So I thought. My trade was a chef and I took the gamble to buy my own place. I spent many years driving people around Brisbane in a Black and White maxi. Mainly as a second job but at times I relied on it to keep a living. I enjoyed the interaction with people as I was proud of Brisbane and the very friendly and typical Australian attitude they show, even though I was born in Sydney I have called Brisbane home for 30 years. There were times when I turned a taxi ride into a tour of the great city and surrounds.

I loved it and I knew in my heart I was not a cab driver but a tour guide of Queensland tourism. I met some mighty Australians in the taxi industry, people like Mal Maninga, Kevin Walters, Shane Warne and John Howard to name a few. My dream was to buy a guest house and invite people to Brisbane and entertain them, feed them and show off the Hinterland of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. I retired at 65 and after 3 years I was bored. How can I create my tour idea.

I met an amazing woman Alfina from eQ events. She changed my way of thinking; firstly she gave me the chef’s job catering for eQ at each monthly workshop. Alfina also bought out the attitude that if something means so much to you then find the way to make it happen. So I did just that. I was never going to win lotto but I had the idea, the passion, the need and the courage to transfer the dream to a reality. Jonno’s Tours was born. I went over the 2 hinterland tours I planned with a fine tooth comb. I invited friends and relatives to come on a free trial tour. It was magic and tears filled my eyes as this is what I have to give to people with all my enthusiasm. I didn’t know how to market my business and there through eQ events I met Steve Mild of dbconnect.world.

Steve is a marketing director and he has taken me under his wing as he too is a chef and can see the value and passion in Jonno’s Tours. He has become a close friend to myself and my wife Linda. Together we have made the best tour we can and we take pride in our companies that have joined the experience.
dbconnect.world, dbconnect.world, Cedar Creek Estate, Hampton Wines, Tamborine Coffee Plantation, O’reilly’s Canungra Vineyard, Mason Wines, The Barrel Vineyard, Maleny Cheese Factory, Mountainview Café and The Park Hotel.
Thank you Alfina, Steve and Linda for believing in me.