Very few search engine optimization techniques work as effectively as article submission. Article submission is a classic procedure of submitting an article to an article submission website or an article directory. It is done to gain precious traffic to your website, and to accumulate valuable links that can help in improving the website’s position on search engine rankings.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use article submission service links to determine the popularity and value of a website. If you are working on a new website, or even an old one, and want to improve the search engine rankings of your website, you can use article submission as an effective SEO tool.

Gaining links that are of high quality is just one aspect of search engine optimization. Other advantages gained through proper optimization of a website include higher search rankings, increase in online presence, brand management, traffic routing and effective traffic conversion.

All these can be achieved by regularly and smartly submitting top quality articles regarding your industry and niche on quality article submission websites and directories. These directories work as an article database and cater to a huge and varied audience. The advantage of submitting on an article directory is that you are reaching a wider public in a far lesser time.

It remains true for article submission websites too; however, there is one difference: article submission websites are mostly niche driven and instead of reaching to a wider audience, you will probably get a far more relevant traffic. Though, no matter if you submit to an article directory or a submission website, important links and higher traffic will be a sure deal for you.

Although, you must keep in mind that not all article submission website/directories allow you to put your links in the article body. This is done to discourage self promotion and to increase user experience on the particular website. Therefore, do you keyword research thoroughly and place your keywords in the article title and body strategically to better use SEO for your articles.

These services allow you to advertise yourself and your business in the author bio or author resource box at the end of the article. If you have written something informative and readers find it valuable, they can click on the link given in the resource box, which is allowed by almost all article submission website/directories. This link is mostly directed to the homepage of a website, but it is far better to direct links to internal pages of the website because the more backlinks your internal pages get, the higher chances of rankings you will enjoy.

Just make sure not to spam these article submission service as it will not only get your account banned from that particular website/directory, but will also get your article erased from their database, which in turn means that you will lose any backlinks that were gained through those articles.

Search engines place huge importance on the value of information that Article Submission Service bring to the end user, therefore ensure that your 


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